Give your home and business an extra layer of protection from break ins with safety window film from A Plus Quality Windows.

safety window film stops break ins

Did you know that safety window film can actually stop an attempted break in on your home or business?

It’s true! The photo above actually shows what happened when there was an attempted break in at a business near the west end of Pittsburgh.

The suspects tried to break into the business by force, but luckily, we had treated the single pane tempered glass on the entryway door with Llumar 8 milliliter clear safety window film. Although tempered glass is often used in commercial spaces because it is four times harder than regular glass, when it does become broken, it shatters into tiny pieces. Safety window film keeps the window in tact potentially saving your business, your home, and even your life.

Want to see Safety Window Film in action? Check out this video on our blog: Security Film Offers Extra Home Protection

Llumar’s Safety Window Film Protects Your Home or Business

Safety-and-Security products are durable films available in a variety of clear, neutral, and reflective offerings with a range of solar control options. Clear films can be applied over tinted glass to improve aesthetics, solar performance and glare. These thicker films meet the most stringent standards for burglary resistance, blast mitigation, wind-borne debris, and basic safety glazing.  Read more on the Lumar website.

Llumar safety window film isn’t just for businesses. It can be used to make your home safer as well by stopping criminals in their tracks when they attempt to break into your home. Additionally, safety window film installed by A Plus Quality Window Film, can buy you time. If you were at home, what would you give to have a few extra minutes to call 911 or get your children to safety?
Whether you want to protect your business or your home, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call A Plus Quality Window to install safety window film and add an extra layer of protection to your life.

Posted by A-Plus Quality Window Tint on January 8, 2017

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