Fifth Avenue Place Highmark Offices

This is Fifth Avenue Place Highmark Offices. On the left is Venetian Blind Film. On the right is a form of Rice Paper for more privacy. Decorative films are available in many patterns & designs.

Decorative Films

Fifth Avenue Place is a skyscraper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. United States. The building was completed on April 14, 1988 and it has 31 floors. Located at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Fifth Avenue, it rises 616 feet above Downtown Pittsburgh. The structure is made up of a unique granite frame for roughly the first 450 feet, then collapses inward in a pyramidal shape for another 124-foot-tall roof structure. The roof utilizes four prisms clad in granite and encloses a penthouse area that stores the mechanics for the building as well as the cooling towers. Before Highmark’s branding of the top of the tower, there were video screens at the base of the decorative summit of the building.

Fifth Avenue Place

Highmark Health Services

Dollar Tree – Johnstown PA

We installed vinyl that is opaque and matches the store colors.

A business can add color, either bright as shown, or subtle to match outside decor.

The purpose of covering the windows is to hide something behind that might not look good to passers-by like merchandise storage or walls built in front of the windows.

Dollar Tree

Bridgeville PA Home

Bridgeville PA House

As you can see they have blinds on the lower window but specialty windows are hard to treat. The homeowner wanted window tint applied to reduce light, glare, & heat into their little girl’s bedroom. Privacy was not needed because the high position of the window, and you still have the view of the beautiful sky.

The purpose of windows in a home is to bring the outside in. There is no need to be closed up and be trapped in your own home as a prisoner with blinds in the daytime. (NOTE: At night blinds give privacy.)

So why cover windows with blinds during the day when you can control the sun, have daytime privacy, and a clear view!

Oliver Building Renovation

The Henry W. Oliver Building is a 25-story, 106 m (348 ft) skyscraper at 535 Smithfield Street, across from Mellon Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The building was designed by Daniel Burnham and built 1908-10, consisting of a stone and terra cotta facade over a steel frame.

We were part of the renovation process of the Oliver Building when they moved their existing tenants to make room for the hotel. Our part was to provide privacy in the bathrooms. There were also pipes, walls, equipment such as refrigerators, and the bottom of the pool that were installed in the building for the hotel that did not need to be seen through the existing windows. We also installed decorative film for some of the tenants.